ICO Mail Booster

2.2M double opt-in email. That’s a pretty good way to start.

We are offering you the Largest Crypto-Enthusiast Database in the World with millions of BTC or ETH wallet owners. Using reverse engineering from millions of public keys we collected and enriched an incredible amount of users with name, surname, wallet for airdrop, mobile, and personal email.

Email marketing is dead, we all agree, but this is a bit different. Using wallet owner and ICO-fanatics database we reached up to 20% CTR

2.2M Crypto-Enthusiast Database

BTC ETH and LTC wallet owner

Who's in?

We collected this Database thinking who is really interested investing in ICO. Non of these are “crypto tourists”

  • 65% Europe
  • 7% Russia
  • 10% South Korea
  • 16% United Arab Emirates

Why Growth Hacking for Email Marketing?

Imagine a trader looking for the next big ICO to invest in. Now imagine millions of trader receiving your email directly in their mailbox. Won’t be fantastic to reach all the European Crypto-Traders in just one click? YES. IT IS.

All our email are sent from professional servers and SMTP by using our own providers with a capacity up to 1,000,000 email per day.

Our Database is pampered and softened in order to maintain a really low bounce rate near to zero. Every one o doesn’t want to receive email anymore just unsubscribe and they won’t display any advertise anymore

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